Camera, Lighting and Sound
training for Journalists
& Media Professionals
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The worlds of print, radio and video media are quickly merging with more and more online news services.

We offer tailored courses that are suited to your specific needs with a strong emphasis towards "hands on" experience. We cover lighting, camera operations, sound recording, video editing and web video principles. Our training follows the video news gathering process from idea to completion.


The following is a summary of the aspects of video production that we can provide training. We recommend that we visit your organisation to assess your needs and then formulate a program to specifically target your requirements. We do not charge for this initial assessment. Camera Operations:
Composition, focusing, panning, zooming & following action
Depth of field, focal length & lens selection
Using automatic functions effectively
Handheld and tripod operations
Editing considerations when choosing shots
Understanding light sources and colour temperature
Operating lights, focusing, pointing and safety issues
Lighting talking heads, stand-ups and interviews
Outdoor lighting with reflectors and flexifills
Sound recording:
Types of microphones and their uses
Minimising background & wind noise
Operating without a sound recordist
Video Editing:
Laying Narration & stand-up tracks
Adding video overlay
Using audio atmosphere tracks to cover edit points
Titles & supers
Web Video Principles:
File Formats and their uses
Frame size & data rates
Maximising online quality
Shot selection for online video


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