Morning Glory 2012

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The Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, Australia is home to one of the world's most extraordinary and spectacular meteorological phenomena, the Morning Glory Cloud. One kilometre high stretching from horizon to horizon the "Glory" is a shockwave in the atmosphere of immense proportions.

Late last year we followed the exploits of three extraordinary people who headed to the remote Queensland Gulf country with the one aim....experiencing the Morning Glory Wave Cloud.

Thomas Peacock

Professor Thomas Peacock is a London born and educated physicist, now at MIT in Boston. He noticed the Morning Glory cloud whilst studying satellite imagery of the 2009 Australian East Coast dust storms. His fascination swiftly developed and last September he headed to the Gulf to study it and further his understanding of the physics of this strange atmospheric wave.

Geoff Pratt, Cairns based glider pilot has become a regular in the skies above the Gulf country in September and October. In his high performance glider he has ridden the Morning Glory for hundreds of kilometres at speeds near 200kph over some of the most remote and inhospitable country in Australia. Each year Geoff camps out in Burketown and patiently waits for the perfect wave.

Geoff Pratt
Yorg Hacker

Dr. Jorg Hacker has a doctorate in Atmospheric Science from the University of Bonn and is a co-recipient of the prestigious Max Planck Prize. He is now the Chief Scientist of Airborne Research Australia at the Flinders University in Adelaide.

The Airborne Research aircraft is packed with highly specialised and sensitive data recording instruments that can map the atmosphere with extraordinary detail. Jorg also headed to the Gulf to study the Glory together with Tom Peacock. Jorg's collaboration with Tom is an exciting new phase in the understanding of the Morning Glory.

Here is a 15 minute video to show you some of the aspects of our documentary. Our servers have been running a little slow so the video may be slow to load.

Our full length program follows Professor Tom Peacock on his journey to the remote north of Australia. We explore the people Tom meets and the science experiments he conducts with his colleague Dr. Jorg Hacker

We are currently finishing narration, music, editing, colour grading and audio sweetening.

Baddog Production's cameraman and pilot, Rob Thompson has spent a total of about 9 months over the past 6 years camped out in the Gulf of Carpentaria waiting for the elusive Glory clouds and has captured an impressive library of rare footage for our upcoming documentary.

Hugh Miller was our Director of Photography for our Morning Glory Documentary. Hugh has received numerous Australian Cinemotographers Society awards. He also has received the Montreal Film Festival Grand Jury prize.
Hugh has a long list of credits as Director of Photography in feature films and documentaries. Have a look here at Hugh's impressive portfolio of past productions.


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